ADMG-ADI Meeting in 24th World Congress of Dermatology Milan 2019

10 giugno 2019 - ore 13:17
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Chairman: Ignazio Stanganelli

Session I 

Co-chairmen: Dattola Santino, Lopreiato  Raffaele, Zagni Fabio Giovanni
  • 13.30 Feliciani Claudioautoimmune bullous diseases during pregnancy: insight into pathogenetic mechanisms and clinical features
  • 13.45 Dattola Annunziata - psoriasis and systemic inflammation : the role of the imaging
  • 14.00 De Pasquale Rocco - dupilumab treatment in adult with non-responder atopic dermatitis. Clinical benefits and side effects of therapy
  • 14.15 Fai Carlotta - teleangectasia macularis eruptiva perstans
  • 14.30 Pugliese Antonio - trichotillomania suffering of the soul
  • 14.45 Carmelo Schepis - café-au-lait macules and freckles beyond neurofibromatosis.
  • 15.00 Mazzarello Vittorio, Ferrari Marco, Ena Pasquale - non-invasive evaluation techniques to quantify the skin aging in werner syndrome.
  • 15.15 Zagni Giovanni Fabio - pixel family:
fractional ablative approach in trans-epidermal drug delivery.

Session II

Co-chairmen : Ferrari Angelo Salvatore, Curia Sandra, Schepis Carmelo
  • 15.30 Ziegler Petra Maria - ten years of the german skin cancer screening – a “cornucopia” of information and experiences for a dermatology office
  • 15.45 Pizzichetta Maria Antonietta - nodular melanoma : a continuous diagnostic challenge
  • 16.00 Stanganelli Ignazio - management of high-risk melanoma patients
  • 16.15 Farnetani Francesca - dermoscopy and confocal laser microscopy for the diagnosis of the pigmented lesions of the face: an integrated approach
  • 16.30 Mandel Victor Desmon - integration of dermoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy for distinguishing melanomas from nevi of the breast area
  • 16.45 Agnusdei Concetto - long term follow up in basal cell carcinoma  treated with topical  imiquimod
  • 17.00 Fai Dario - pdt in private practice : advice from clinical experience
  • 17.15 Mavilia Luciano - “must have”  in photodermatology

Concluding  remarks 

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